Teeter Hang Ups EP-960 Inversion Table Reviews

The Teeter Hang Ups EP-960 includes a durable, flexible, and robust structure. The quality and structure of the inversion table are exceptional. The framework is constructed from heavy-duty high-quality heat-treated steel. New features that include this particular inversion table to improve safety and flexibility comprise the stretch Max handles. It’s suggested for people seeking to alleviate back pain, muscle, and joint strain, decompress the backbone to raise circulation among other issues.

This makes it much easier to use even for novices since you don’t need to manually choose the inversion angles to utilize. In addition, you’re also supplied with a manual to comprehend at what points the advantages begin and when they’re completely realized.

This program makes it effortless for you to reach out while at exactly the exact same time ensuring it’s safe to utilize. This program includes an extended grip that makes it simple and quick for you to lock your ankles in place.

These grip grips function the role of ensuring that you can easily and effectively stretch to aid with pains and pains. In addition, it is useful in improving oscillation.

Attributes stretch max grips help one to invert and return in an erect position with the capability to carry out various stretching exercises. In an attempt to increase flexibility, the addition of stretch max grips fulfills this objective. They aim at assisting using inversion straight from the beginning till it’s possible to invert with experience as a result of the angle guide which includes the max grips.

Clearly, each inversion table includes a bed to lie on. Together with the crucial objective to ease spine and back pain, these attributes come as an additional edge. This bed also flexes as you use it with the capability to better your inversion experience by lowering the pressure in your back.

Quality and durability are essential purposes when seeking to get an inversion table and these variables shouldn’t be compromised. Together with the Teeter Hang Ups EP-960 for a high-quality inversion table for an affordable price. While many may argue it’s costly, the cost is comparatively fair when compared with the powerful materials in addition to the permanent construction it includes.


The storage and assembly are simple and quick. In make it simpler, it includes a step-by-step video demonstrating the way to perform it. With reference storage, then it also folds easily for one to keep it upright. In this, it’s space saving since you are able to put it behind a door or in your cabinet. It’s nevertheless crucial that you transfer it carefully because of its weight.


Inverting functions to help alleviate pains. With this inversion table, then simply use the pre-set angles particularly for new users. That is since it guarantees that you stay in control so it is possible to relax and focus, we have compiled a list of benefits of inversion table. Gradually eliminate joint and back pains using the poles accuracy balancing, stretch grips in addition to its streamlined design bed which claims pressure points where essential along with this decompression accessories.

It’s sturdy, dependable, powerful, in addition to safe to use without compromising on quality and structure. It’s suggested for people seeking to relieve backaches and fortify their backs, alleviate joint and muscle anxiety while increasing muscle strength, improve posture, whittle spine with the intent of improving circulation, in addition, to make sure you stay fit.