Teeter Hang Ups EP-950 Inversion Table Reviews

It arrives boxed and apartment packed and is made up of the anatomically formed, padded backrest mounted onto a steel triangular frame approximately 4 feet across.

The Teeter Inversion Table is differentiated from lesser models in the scope by its broader, sturdier foundation in medical grade metal, with vinyl anti-scrape feet and attachments. To the sides it contains the bigger Over-EZ advanced spinning controls, a tether with preset angle picks rubbed to its construction and a distinguishing long-reach manage that brings hands of the ankle bend 9 inches closer to the consumer.

Roger Teeter’s business takes enormous pride in the design and build quality of the inversion tables, and also their capacity to allow them to feel forced to measure to every person’s body. The foot stage is a banner characteristic of this Teeter Hang Ups EP-950, with a multi-locking system run by a very long reach manage — a characteristic many fulfilled reviewers are especially thankful for.

For first-time users, having a buddy or spotter nearby is vital to reduce injury. The user should put 1 foot at a time to the ankle grip. The consumer will then grasp the straps to the table and also lower the inversion table into your most comfortable angle.


To fill out the package and assist you on your path, it has an instructional DVD featuring five exercise and stretching courses hosted by Dr. Shawn.


It is a high-quality merchandise and it shows from the building, the quietly smooth motion and lack of drama and rattles from the moving components, along with the reassuringly weighty, chunky metallic components and controls, specifically, those whose occupation is to support you in place in security. It feels balanced also, and it is designed to inspire confidence and motivate users to manipulate the entire inversion capabilities of their machines. Regardless of the premium texture, however, it is priced competitively.


Easy and secure assembly is really a selling point of all of the Teeter Hang Ups scope, and also this high-end prototype is no exception using easy-to-follow directions and no too heavy or catchy components to take care of.


The Teeter Hang Ups EP-950 inversion table may be utilized to ease back pain and distress down and up the back, both at the top and the lower rear. Easing your body to a state of inversion by no more than 25 degrees stretches the spinal column, elongating the gaps between nerve and facilitating the spine to an aligned posture that offers the perfect stage for dispersal of tension and pressure. Only a couple of minutes of inversion could supply a productive decompression to relieve inflammation and pressure on ankles, knees and lower limb joints. Together with the locking ankle grips, it may be safely employed for energetic motion like sit ups and crunches at any given angle of inversion. Abdominal workouts and squats can be carried out in places that are inverted, to arrange the consumer’s body weight at the most familiar of valuable position.



Some accessories at the Teeter range aren’t compatible with this version. Therefore, in case you want these particular features, select a different version.



In particular, its simplicity of adjustment stands out, so if your freedom and achieve is restricted, you will enjoy the ankle grips. This also means it can be rapidly installed for multiple users of various shapes and sizes. The Teeter Hang Ups EP-950 inversion table is a well-engineered, hardy alternative that can suit many consumers, while it’s someone recovering from surgery or trauma, searching for relief from chronic pain, looking for a substitute for routine physiotherapy, or merely busy soul that are often pushing and forcing their bodies and need something to ease recovery. Studies show that cyclists, golfers, skiers, and runners — anybody subjecting their muscles to persistent stress — may also have inversion table benefits from routine inversion session.