Teeter Hang Ups EP-560 Review

The Teeter Hang Ups EP-560 inversion table is undoubtedly, among the very best inversion tables in the marketplace nowadays. Used for workouts and both treatment, it’s a selection of an excellent inversion table.

Quite simple to build and install. The dining table is discharged 90% pre-assembled and comes with instructions. Even though the company said that it takes 13 minutes to build the EP-560, we guess that it might take the average man about 15 — 25 minutes to prepare including adjusting the preferences for their height and weight the table.



The EP-560 includes unique Pressure-Reducing foam ankle locks and a comfortable dial.

All these are curved to fit snugly around your knees and thus decrease the strain in your ankles when you reverse.

The Teeter EP-560 will provide you much less distress than other manufacturers.

The consumer’s weight is 300 pounds.

The Teeter Hang Ups EP-560 needs to be among the simplest devices to utilize, from first setup right through to fold it up and putting away.

You will surely notice throughout the inversion procedure, how smooth, comfy and simple it’s equally inverting and returning to the beginning place.

In addition to the elastic table which flexes with the body, the EP-560 also permits air flow for the trunk. If you compare this to a own body sinking to the foam cushions of tables that are rival, there’s absolutely absolutely no competition.

This usually means that you could invert without needing to worry about anything and so focus on extending and lowering your back pain.

This really is something that you won’t encounter with other more affordable inversion tables.

Since the EP-560 is solidly constructed from quality materials, it’s fairly heavy, about 67 pounds when packed, and attention needs to be taken when transferring it.

Teeter makes the inversion tables which are tested and certified to an independent product safety certification organization, by UL ®.

Just Teeter Hang Ups is recorded to the UL 1647 testing benchmark which ensures key security requirements, effectively analyzing inversion tables to guarantee endurance and strength to get “real world” use.

Teeter also work together with engineers, physicians, athletes, therapists and regular users to supply upgrades to their own table layout and to guarantee consumer protection.

When you are entrusting your neck and back into a piece of gear whilst dangling upside down, you wish to have the ability to know you could definitely rely on it.

The EP-560 unites this technology together with Flex Technology™, thus creating one of their best selling and many popular inversion tables in the marketplace nowadays.


  • Far as additional attributes are concerned, the Teeter EP-560 includes a few other great attributes:The mattress now has a tiny flexible head “cushion” for extra comfort, especially for when you are not inverting into the whole 90 degrees. This bed layout that is innovative can accommodate Lumbar Bridge Accessories along with the Acupressure Nodes.
  • To create your stretching easier and considerably more powerful, the elastic plastic mattress surface has the power to bend with your moves and also includes simple to reach built-in Stretch Grips.
  • Flexible strap system — Teeter utilizes a strap system since it’s easy, secure and effective. The ones provided are adequate for the demands of anybody, although the table does not have a number of angles.
  • The Teeter Hang Ups EP-560 is provided with one of the greatest and most comprehensive 5-year guarantees, unmatched in the market and covering all parts.

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