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If you put five people in a room and ask each of them if they experience back pain, almost certainly all of them will have the same answer. Back pain is so common nowadays that it is considered a routine. It doesn’t matter that you do physical labor or sit at an office all day long, the results are pretty much the same.

Back pain is often caused by pressure on your spine. Gravity also has a significant influence, but the most common cause for back pain, more often on the lower side, is caused by bad posture. You do it involuntarily but, in time, the consequences will make themselves noticed. People try all sorts of things to get rid of the discomfort. They try sitting upright; they try lumbar support cushions, massage, or even painkillers.

However, one of the best solutions out there is an inversion table. Inversion therapy has countless benefits on health overall, not only for people who suffer from back pain. It’s true that this form of treatment is not recommended for everyone, such as individuals who have high blood pressure, heart disease or glaucoma, but most people can take it, and the therapy proved to be a real success.


Do inversion table work?

Top 3 Inversion Tables

NamePriceInversion AngleDescriptionOverall Score
Teeter Hangups$39960If you are looking for the best inversion table out there and if there isn't any constraint on a budget you spend for the beast we'd recommend you to go for Teeter EP-960 Ltd Inversion Table with Back Pain Relief Kit without any further research, it was number one in the inversion table reviews survey.5
Ironman Gravity Tables$499.00180The Gravity 4000 is composed of a durable tubular steel frame using a scratch resistant powder coated finish. It's got Memory Foam vinyl -skid floor stabilizers to prevent any movement during three adjustments and inversion for different starting inversion angles.4.7
Health Mark Pro Max Inversion Table$799.99120It's built to help handle blood circulation problems out by letting you sit up in a face-up manner while inverted to relieve compression fatigue felt by the neck and shoulder region.4.1

Benefits of using an inversion table

As I mentioned before, there are many advantages of using an inversion table, not only for your back, a very common question is if do inversion tables work and the answer is a big YES. Back pain is the most commonly treated condition, but it doesn’t mean it hasn’t any other benefits. Here are a few of them.

Herniated disc pain

Do you know how does a hernia appear? Between every vertebra in your spine, there is a flexible disk that prevents them from rubbing together. They also act as shock absorbers. Everything that you do, except for laying down, puts pressure on those disks, and that is how pain appears. If there is too much pressure, eventually one of those disks will rupture. Gravity has a lot to do with it, but a good inversion table acts as a reverse-gravity. You don’t even have to incline the table too much; 25º – 30º is enough to feel the benefits of the therapy. The spaces between your vertebrae will open up, and the nerves will have room to calm down. And that is how pain is avoided. Using an inversion table will spare you from going under the knife and will save you from years of recovery time.


There is more than one way an inversion table can reduce headaches. Firstly, it realigns your spine which can lead to a muscle spasms reduction in your neck and shoulders (that is where the pain starts). Secondly, it relaxes the muscles in your face, skull, and neck. Tension often leads to headaches, so if you get rid of the tension, you get rid of the pain as well. Thirdly, a perfect inversion table can help you if you experience stress. I think you are more than familiar with stress-induced headaches.

Improves circulation

Against common misconceptions, your heart needs a little help to rest sometimes. If you use an inversion table, your heart will not have to pump as much as when you sit or stand in the upright position. That way you can give it a break, which will ultimately result in a better circulation.

Improves posture

We all have that bad habit of slouching as if it were such a difficult thing to stand up straight. However, years of slouching will take a toll on your posture, and there are few ways to reverse it. There is an enormous amount of tension build-up in your upper back, and your neck and shoulders are the most affected. That leads to constant pain. But an inversion table will change that. You can’t always remember to sit up in the right position, so going home and spending a few minutes on a top inversion table might do the trick.

What features to look for in the best inversion table?

Purchasing the best inversion table is not a difficult task if you pay attention to a few details. Some criteria must be met to get the best results. Here are the most important.

Controllable inversion degree

This is a feature that most inversion tables have, but you should check anyway. You cannot sit in a 90º inverted position from the first try. You have to work your way up to that level. Otherwise, you can experience some side effects such as nausea and dizziness. Purchasing an inversion table that allows you to control the angle is the ideal way to achieve that, so make sure to look carefully at the product you have chosen.

Sturdy frame

One of the most important aspects of an inversion table is the frame. It has to withstand your whole weight and respond well to reversal positions. After all, you need to feel safe when on the table. Look for an inversion table frame that is made of sturdy steel and has non-skid floor protectors. That way you don’t have to worry that the table will break under you, and it won’t skid on the floor. Also, don’t forget to check the capacity of the table. They are not all the same.

Foldable vs. non-foldable

Depending on the surface area of your house, you should choose the inversion table that fits your needs. Some inversion tables are designed to be stationary, but you can also find foldable inversion tables. Most people prefer the fold-up inversion tables because they can be put away after therapy.


You should never underestimate the comfort of an inversion table. If you choose one that it’s uncomfortable, chances are you are never going to use it. Look for an inversion table with thick pads and good reviews. If you experience lower back pain, you should go for an inversion table with lumbar support. Some of the cushions are removable so you can use the table either way.


Last, but not least, safety is definitely something that you shouldn’t overlook. Inversion tables are generally safe, but poor manufacturing can lead to unfortunate accidents. When you purchase an inversion table, look for safety features such as vinyl side covers (to not hurt your fingers when you are inverting,) steel frame, floor stabilizers, and ankle locks. The package should contain a manual with all the info on how to use an inversion table to be completely safe.

As long as the product you choose meets these criteria, you should be able to use your inversion table safely and comfortably.




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