What is the best inversion table for you, find out with our reviews

If you put five people in a room and ask each of them if they experience back pain, almost certainly all of them will have the same answer. Back pain is so common nowadays that it is considered a routine. It doesn’t matter that you do physical labor or sit at an office all day […]

Yoga inverted leg positions

Successful Yoga inversions can be quite easy. Here are four positions that don’t need you to turn yourself upside down so as to enjoy the advantages of an inversion. All inverted postures if you experience pain or when you have a headache. Legs up on a seat Circulation up on a seated posture enhances to […]

Back Pain – Conditions and Treatment

Overview of back pain The spine is held vertical by muscles connected to the backbone. Doctors often refer to this backbone because of the vertebral column, spinal column, or spinal column. The backbone is not one bone, but really 24 individual bones called vertebrae. These 24 vertebrae are stacked one in addition to the other […]

What is Inversion Therapy?

The technique in which we use an inversion table for back pain is called Inversion Therapy. The method itself is pretty simple, it involves being strapped on an inversion table and inverted at different angles. In inversion therapy, the clinician can use an inversion table, gravity boots or inversion chairs. Because we are specialized in […]