Body Champ IT8070 Inversion Table Review

The majority of us battle with back pains. Back pains would be the 2nd most frequent cause for a physician’s visit after influenza in the USA. Rather than paying to pay a visit to a gym, why don’t you invest in an inversion table? Inversion tables aren’t expensive — they charge up to one visit to your physician. Still, you may use your table as frequently as you need and so long as you deem essential! If you’re not certain of how the table can assist you, we’ve compiles a Body Champ IT8070 inversion table overview to you. The Body Champ IT8070 is among the very best inversion tables at the marketplace; it’s cheap, very durable, secure, and can leave you feeling like a brand new man!

What can it be?

This handy unit comes semi-assembled and requires less than 1 hour to for the consumer to construct and get started using it. The apparatus had a dual-pin system which lets the consumer discover the ideal height position and adapt accordingly. For optimum security, this inversion table includes a padded ankle service which facilitates the whole body weight when you’re in an inverted position. The ankle support offers maximum safety and comfort at precisely the exact same moment. This table includes a high-density foam pillow that envelops your back from your sturdy board.

The way to work with Body Champ IT8070 Inversion Table

You don’t demand any thrust buttons to function. The inversion table employs a pull-pin adjustment mechanism, which makes it rather simple to use. First, adjust the table to your height and then strap in. When you’re firmly strapped in, only raise your hands over your head and start to invert gradually. Don’t forget to do this once all of the safety straps are set up. The table has to manage rails which you may hold on to when inverting into place. The u-shaped manage rails can also be utilized to revert back to the beginning point. When you’re finished using the apparatus, simply use the manage rails to pull yourself erect.

Who must use it and how it functions

Should you suffer from backaches due to organic causes or because of your demanding lifestyle or job, then you’ll greatly benefit in this very advanced device. The inversion table operates by utilizing gravity to alleviate the pressure on the spine, discs, and back muscles. People with hip and knee problems also benefit because it eliminates the stress from the tendons and joints. For those seeking to grow their height, then they could utilize this inversion table also. Without exercising gravity will negatively affect your height by squeezing the joints and spine. This subsequently thins and squeezes the cartilage, which makes you look shorter. Inversion tables are excellent for resolving this situation. They create the weight of their lower torso stretch the back, while at exactly the exact same time decreasing the pull to the vertebrae. This sort of exercise also impacts the neck muscles in which thyroid gland is situated.


As stated before, the table could be adjusted to match an individual’s height. This system facilitates an individual weighing up to 250 lbs with no problem. Rest assured the Body Champ inversion table is quite secure — provided you securely fasten yourself before inverting! The U-shaped handrails also provided additional security, as well as the security lock, keeps the table in position when it isn’t being used.

For a top excellent inversion table for an affordable price. The table is quite simple to construct and use. Even if you’re a first-time user, the directions are basically straight ahead
it’s quite secure and durable. The U-shaped handlebars provide more safety; they also assist support the individual whilst getting back to an erect position. The dual-pin system empowers the consumer to adapt to the suitable position by locating the middle of gravity. Folds up easily for storage


If you’re first time user, moving back to an upright position could be a small challenge
Because the Body Champ IT8070 inversion table is lightweight, it’s most appropriate for individuals of average weight and height

Rather than spending a year on your physician, why don’t you spend a few thousand bucks on a very long lasting, very effective way of pain relief? If you’re interested in finding a natural approach to ease your back aches, then the Body Champ inversion table may be exactly what you want. This table is intended to provide permanent relief from atopic discomfort. Simply buy this table and go through the marked improvements after only a couple of sessions